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Sandler Enterprise Selling

A systematic approach to winning enterprise business

The Challenges of Enterprise Selling

Selling into large, complex, and demanding organizations can be incredibly rewarding and lead to high growth, or it
can be an expensive, time-consuming nightmare. 

Does your team struggle with:

  • Longer and more expensive sales cycles?
  • Complex sales or delivery that require carefully orchestrated implementation?
  • A high degree of cooperation and team selling?

On the Buyer's Side

Many different job functions influence the buying process and the ultimate decision. Understanding all the collaborative elements and their impact on the final course of action creates a significant challenge to the sales team.

On the Seller's Side

Assembling and directing the value-based pursuit team demands significant client knowledge and organizational collaboration to maximize the likelihood of winning.


Brian Topper

Managing Director | Centaur Services
"Sandler Enterprise Selling (SES) program is giving us a strategic approach to developing both our customers and prospects. The program uses structured collaboration to bring together our Sales, Operations, IT, Management, and Customer Service departments for effectively winning and growing major accounts. Using SES we can determine what the customer needs and how best to deliver it, rapidly and without wasting resources."

Sandler Enterprise Selling Solutions

Sandler Enterprise Selling provides the strategy, processes, and tools to keep sales opportunities moving forward to favorably predictable conclusions.


  • Stage One: Territory & Account Planning

    In major accounts, there are a lot of things that must happen before you reach out to a prospect or client account about a specific opportunity. The critical first step is planning.


  • Stage Two: Opportunity Identification

    This stage gives you the tools you need to prospect effectively, engage with targets, communicate with them to deliver valued, compelling insights, and set mutual expectations for the sales process.


  • Stage Three: Qualification

    You will learn how to choose which deals to pursue based on whether it makes sense for both sides to proceed. Ongoing analysis helps you fortify both your offensive and defensive strategies.


  • Stage Four: Solution Development

    Once you’ve earned the right to move ahead with the preparation of a proposal, that solution should uniquely qualify you to win the business by aligning directly to the account’s needs and pains.


  • Stage Five: Proposing & Advancement

    In this stage, you will identify and execute the team activities involved in finalizing the proposal, ensuring that the voice of the customer rings out in the document to drive decisions and action.


  • Stage Six: Service Delivery

    After all the time, money, and effort you invested to pursue this opportunity, it is now time to focus on service excellence and delivering effectively. Internal and external communication is critical during this final phase.


Sandler Enterprise Selling in the news

Read about all the success and media coverage on Sandler's Enterprise Selling program, including
the most recent book launch in partnership with McGraw Hill, Sandler Enterprise Selling: Winning,
Growing, and Retaining Major Accounts

SES Book

Sandler Enterprise Selling


Competitively pursuing large, complex accounts with multiple constituencies and decision makers is a huge challenge for sales professionals. This latest Sandler book provides a practical six-stage approach for winning business with profitable enterprise clients, serving them effectively, and expanding the relationship over time.

Learn how to find and win business with
profitable enterprise clients.